Praise for My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within

"A fantastic and harrowing story, told deeply and honestly…an emotional read…a generous, hopeful book I dearly hope gets into the hands of the many people who face similar hardships and desperately need to hear Jon Derek Croteau’s story."
—Randy Harrison, actor, Queer As Folk
"My Thinning Years is the story of all of us as we come to terms with who we are. It takes courage to tell your story, to come out, to remove yourself from an abusive relationship. These pages help usher in our more tolerant present and our ever-evolving hearts."
—Award-winning singer/songwriter Will Dailey
"A heady mixture of raw emotion, pathos, and humor are everywhere in evidence in this powerful journey from self-hatred to self-affirmation and healing. My Thinning Years is an inspiring story of one man’s struggle with anorexia, with sexual identity, and his struggle for selfhood."
—Betsy Lerner, author of Food and Loathing
"My Thinning Years is a powerful story about overcoming adversity. Jon Derek Croteau’s courage, honesty, and unfailing passion are sure to both inspire and keep the pages turning!"
—Jenni Schaefer, Co-author of Almost Anorexic, author of Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me
"My Thinning Years is not just a labor of love but a love-letter to those who are struggling silently and suffering deeply with an eating disorder. Jon Derek Croteau sheds incredible insight and a heart felt vision for surviving and thriving in your life."
—Jess Weiner, Author, Strategist and Self-Esteem Expert
“It's rare I tell someone they must read a book. My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within by Jon Derek Croteau is a book you must read. It doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, male, female, young or old. Whether you're affected or afflicted by an addiction or disorder. If your experience in reading this book is like mine, then you will walk away with a better perspective on life. You will know you can overcome any obstacle. You will learn how to love and accept yourself, as you are. You will see through the life of Jon Derek Croteau how he did it. You must read this book. I'm going to read it again, and again.”
—Steve Thompson, Executive Producer, Pure Motive Radio
"My Thinning Years is an emotional journey through Jon Derek Croteau’s struggle with eating disorders and accepting his identity as a gay man. In his struggle to accept his sexuality, Croteau attempts to erase his pain through trying to erase himself. This is an honest, powerful and raw insight into the self-punishing, self-harming and consuming force of eating disorders."
—Grace Bowman, author of Thin
“Alternately riveting, heartfelt and horrifying. I canceled plans to finish this book, and you will, too.”
—Eric Poole, author of Where’s My Wand?: One Boy’s Magical Triumph over Alienation and Shag Carpeting
“Jon Derek Croteau's powerful new book is a beacon shining on the puzzle of life.”
—Bob Dotson, NBC News Correspondent and NYT bestselling author of American Story, a Lifetime Search for Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things
“Jon Derek Croteau reveals the plain fact that the greatest bully we have to win over is often the one within us.”
—James Lecesne, co-founder, The Trevor Project