Dr. Jon Derek Croteau is on a mission to make a difference. He uses every moment to learn more about people and the world in order to contribute to those who are in need, disenfranchised, or looking to design or redesign their life’s mission and goals. In this, he is helped by experience, https://order-essays.com where you can order essay online and find a relevant answer, as well as his own research.

He is a champion of equal rights and effective leadership. This has led him to coach, consult, advocate, teach, write, advise and support people, places, and ideas that enhance the lives of others. As a husband, brother, uncle, and friend, he shares his love, life and mission with his family and friends, from whom he also draws support and inspiration.

Often referred to as a “renaissance man,” Dr. Croteau has many passions and interests including theatre, music, art, home design and redesign, the outdoors, and world travel. He is an expert in leadership solutions for major institutions, a sought after coach and adviser for individual and couples seeking change in life or career, and is a respected author of books, essays, poetry, and short stories. He has written numerous academic articles and has contributed to many publications like The Huffington Post.

Volunteering and philanthropy have been at the core of Jon’s mission. Along with his husband, he is the founder of the Jayne A. Iarrobino Scholarship for Leadership and Promise at Emerson College, The Alan K. Gaynor Prize Fund at Boston University, and is an advocate for The Trevor Project’s, Friends of Trevor. He has volunteered for Camp Hope in Quito, Ecuador, has served as a Big Brother and a mentor for Point Foundation, and is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council at Boston University School of Education.

Dr. Croteau is Executive Producer of Singer/Songwriter Will Dailey’s award-winning album National Throat. His groundbreaking, Amazon # 1 best selling memoir, My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within, was published by Hazelden Publishing in September, 2014 and its theme song, Someplace, which he wrote, is available on iTunes. Download it now!